Light House Achievement Award

The Light House Achievement Award is offered to students who have completed workshops covering various topics and demonstrating their knowledge of video production. See below for a breakdown of required workshops.

This award will help set you apart from your peers when applying to college. As a benefit of receiving the Light House Achievement Award, we will offer guidance and advice in designing or polishing a portfolio, showreel, or resume. Take your filmmaking to the next level!

RED-SMALL-award-ribbon 10 Core Workshops
(Intro, Intermediate, Narrative, Documentary, Music Video, Animation, Experimental)

BLUE-SMALL-award-ribbon 3 Community Projects
(Commercial Production, Rivanna River Film, IRC Documentary)

YELLOW-SMALL-award-ribbon 6 Special Skills
(Screenwriting, Cinematography, Editing, Lighting, Sound, Makeup, VFX)


  • Printed and framed certificate
  • Portfolio review (one-on-one guidance in creating a demo reel)
  • Recognition on website and in email newsletter

Achievement Award Recipients

Caroline Cox

Check out a collection of films by Caroline, and awards those films have won!