Renaissance School: Arts Practicum @ Light House

This Spring, Renaissance High School students were able to choose between 3 different art classes during their “Arts Practicum” semester-long once-a-week course. One of their options was a Light House film workshop, and we created a class...
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2nd Annual Screenplay Call

BE A PART OF LIGHT HOUSE’S 2nd ANNUAL SHORT SCREENPLAY CALL! Interested in screenwriting? Want to see your story ideas developed into a short film? Light House Studio is now accepting screenplay submissions from high school and college students throughout...
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The Queen of Confection: An Ivy Creek Documentary Project

This semester, we’re working with Ivy Creek School to create a documentary about their theatre class play. The play tells the story of a Sugar Queen, a factory of confection, and her loyal team of a butler and fearless Jedi. Battling her for the...
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Film Fun with Mountaintop Montessori

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some great students from Mountaintop Montessori this past week! Students dove straight into the world of filmmaking day by day, and we’re proud of all they’ve accomplished in such a short time!...
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GIF It! An Animated GIF Workshop

GIFs were first created close to thirty years ago, yet today you see GIFs used everywhere from Facebook to high end fashion advertisements. On Saturday, December 12th media artist, Jason Robinson, led GIF It! An Animated GIF Workshop in collaboration...
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Behind the Scenes: Evolution! with Tyler Rhodes

On Saturday, December 5th, I watched in awe as my old college buddy taught a large group of students age 8-11 about evolution. This wasn’t science class, and the only things the students were equipped with were crayons and plain, white paper. Here is...
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Jack Jouett Middle School: Behind the Scenes

This Fall, Light House has been working with Jack Jouett middle school students as part of our Keep it REEL community program, in collaboration with Boys and Girls Club, to create a short film. You may remember the Haunted School series that screened...
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Attention Non-Profits: Apply to win a 30-second PSA!

Hey Charlottesville Non-Profits! Are you interested in entering to win a 30-second public service announcement highlighting your organization? “Commercial Production” is back this winter for it’s 7th year! Advanced filmmaking students...
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Behind the Scenes: Clark Elementary After School Workshop

Here’s the story: A class of students is bored out of their minds by their teacher and her impossible math equations. The class finds a “non-boring chemical” to give their teacher in hopes that their sanity will be restored, pours it...
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LH Picks: The Virginia Film Festival, 2015

          The Virginia Film Festival is only a few days away, and the staff at Light House can’t wait. In preparation for the big weekend, we’ve come up with a list of films we’re most excited to see. Are any...
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