2017 Call for Applications: Your Local Nonprofit Could Win a PSA!

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Indie Film Minute at Vinegar Hill Theatre: “Prep School”

For our second showing in collaboration with Indie Film Minute, Light House Studio screened Prep School at Vinegar Hill Theatre. A misunderstanding between a troubled rugby player and the new girl at an elite private school is the catalyst for events...
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Indie Film Minute At Vinegar Hill Theatre: “Father Unknown”

Light House Studio has partnered with Indie Film Minute to bring independent film to Vinegar Hill Theatre. For our first screening, the documentary Father Unknown was shown. Father Unknown was directed by David Quint and shot almost entirely on an iPhone....
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Hell or High Water: The Refreshing Break to a Disappointing Year

By: Ryan Beard Let’s face it, this year has been somewhat of a disappointment as far as movies are concerned. Many films that are highly anticipated turn out to be complete duds. But, recently one film has come out of nowhere to practically save the...
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Juno Shines in Every Possible Way

by Nathan Ridings Sometimes, a film has one moment that seems to take all of the best parts of that film, such as the writing, soundtrack, pace, acting, and cinematography, and somehow puts them into sync, creating a perfect moment. This is the final...
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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children neither Misses nor Hits Its Intended Mark

By Nathan Ridings I should begin by stating two things. First, I read the book. Second, there will be no major spoilers, only some vague references. Onward! There will be no synopsis. If you haven’t heard of the movie, go watch the trailer. The movie...
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LH Picks: The Virginia Film Festival

by Chandler Ferrebee There is always something fun and exciting going on in Charlottesville in the fall, but my favorite weekend is the Virginia Film Festival. I love how every year Charlottesville becomes a place for people to watch and enjoy movies...
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Light House Picks From the Toronto International Film Festival

I’m Chandler and I am an aspiring filmmaker and program support intern at Light House Studio who practically lives at the movie theater. This September, I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Toronto International Film Festival. TIFF is seen as...
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Casting Call!

Private Investigator Casting Call Production Title (still in the works): Private Investigator Synopsis: Private Investigator is about a man who was a child star for being a kid detective. He solved crimes at his school and had a whole book series written...
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VFXplorers Session 2: Behind the Scenes

Campers had a blast last week in “VFXplorers”. They explored various visual effects techniques and collaborated on creative short films. On Tuesday everyone got acquainted with each other and then the students dove into effects. They used...
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