VFXplorers Session 2: Behind the Scenes

Campers had a blast last week in “VFXplorers”. They explored various visual effects techniques and collaborated on creative short films. On Tuesday everyone got acquainted with each other and then the students dove into effects. They used disappearing, forced perspective, and green screen. By playing around with distance, the explorers were able to make one of their fellow campers disappear under a cup!
On Wednesday campers made short films using a variety of animation styles. In the picture below students are creating one of the earliest forms of animation: thaumatropes. By spinning their thaumatropes quickly between their fingers, campers were able to make the images they had drawn on each side blend together.
On Thursday it was time for the explorers to shoot short films that incorporated the techniques they had learned earlier in the week. They wrote, directed, acted, and operated the cameras.
On Friday campers showed off all of their hard work to their parents. They put on a screening and then answered questions about their work. In this first photo campers are laughing at the use of green screen to make a “no boys allowed” club in outer space!
If you are interested in finding out more about our camps you can check out our flickr, Instagram, or come to one of our weekly screenings. Also, be sure to check out some of the openings remaining in camps such as VFXplorers right here!

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