Dates: August 15th – 19th
Time: 1 pm – 5 pm
Ages: 9th – 12th grades
Level: All Levels
Tuition: $250
Location: Vinegar Hill Theatre (220 W. Market Street)
In this workshop students will run through the gamut of visual effects production. We’ll talk through the effects we want to create, shoot a video with those effects in mind, and then edit it all together in Adobe Premiere. We’ll jump into Adobe After Effects and learn everything we need to make the shots look awesome, and get them working together seamlessly in the edit.

Students will learn how to shoot and edit for visual effects, how to key and track footage, and how well thought out visual effects can aid in storytelling. We’re not going to fix it in post. We’re going to fix it in camera!
David Ariew started his career in neuroscience at UVA, mapping the brain of the common fruit fly, but quickly realized his passion lay elsewhere. Determined to become a visual effects wizard, David became involved in the local filmmaking scene of Charlottesville, VA, where he quickly rose in rank as one of the most coveted post-production freelancers. Since his career shift, David has worked on numerous high profile projects for Filament Productions, and continues to develop his mad skills while you and I are sleeping.

Reel of mentor David Ariew’s work

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