LH Picks: Top 10 Must-See Horror Films

‘Tis the season for apple cider, leaf piles, pumpkin pie and of course, horror movies. Who doesn’t love a great heart-pumping, skin-crawling horror film to round out the Halloween season? If you haven’t started your horror film checklist for the season, don’t fear! Light House has created a list of our top 10 favorite horror films to watch alongside your cider and pie. Get out the Halloween treats and a blanket (for eye-covering at only the scariest moments) and prepare yourself for some screams.

(Disclaimer: the following films are certainly not appropriate for all ages – please check with your parents before watching!)

1. The Shining
Writer Jack moves his family to an old hotel in the dead of winter to break through his writer’s block, where evil spirits await to drive him to madness. This classic Stephen King adaptation has the ability to frighten you every time you see it.

2. Rosemary’s Baby
Rosemary and Guy move into a new apartment, quickly to discover that the strange happenings at their new home are related to their peculiar new neighbors.

3. Misery
After a near death car accident in the middle of winter, author Paul Sheldon is rescued by nurse and adoring fan, Annie. Paul realizes that Annie lives vicariously through his character Misery and does not react well when she finds out Paul has killed Misery. Oh, and she brought him to her cabin in the middle of nowhere without telling a soul.
Another great Stephen King classic.

4. The Birds
An unforgettable Alfred Hitchcock classic, The Birds tells the story of a small California town that becomes slowly terrorized by attacking birds.

5. The Blair Witch Project
Three students disappear after searching for the Blair Witch for their documentary film project. A year later, their footage is found.

6. A Nightmare on Elm Street
A group of teenagers are terrorized by Freddie Krueger in their dreams, and quickly realize that the horror affects reality, too. A gruesome film (note, it’s campy gore, but still gore) – keep in mind.

7. Invasion of the Body Snatchers
In this Twilight Zone-esque film, a doctor discovers that the residents of his town are becoming devoid of emotion, one by one.

8. Psycho
This Alfred Hitchcock classic is known most specifically for its chilling shower scene. Psycho tells the story of a woman on the run who stays at a hotel operated by a man controlled by his mother.

9. Carrie
Another Stephen King classic, Carrie is a bullied 17 year old girl who possesses deadly powers revealed in her anger. Not the kind of girl you want to pick on.

10. The Silence of the Lambs
A young FBI agent attempts to work with psychotic former psychiatrist and convicted murderer Hannibal Lecter to find another serial killer on the loose.

What are some of your favorite horror films? Any you’d recommend that didn’t make this list? Let us know in the comments!