Special Skills: The Origin of Story

Date: Saturday, January 10th
Time: 1-5pm
Ages: 13-18 year olds
Level: All Levels
Location: 313 2nd Street, SE, Suite 112 (The Glass Building)
Tuition: $50
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(normally $150) for a discounted price of $175!

Light House is proud to partner with Zack Keifer, of Folk Hero Films, for this workshop on story. Students participating in this workshop will learn the basics of storytelling for the screen. The process will begin with the viewing of an Oscar nominated short, followed by exercises that will invite the students to create their own characters and basic story structure. Once everyone has had the chance to develop a basic story, each student will then be asked to pitch these ideas to the whole workshop. In addition to learning the basic philosophy behind storytelling, students will also learn how to effectively communicate their ideas to their peers.
Ultimately, students attending this workshop will gain an understanding of the underlying story structure behind Hollywood films, as well as the ability to successfully pitch a story idea. This workshop should serve as a great lead in to other Light House workshops, such as the Screenwriting class.

Zach Keifer runs a production company, Folk Hero Films, with his business partner Gabriel DeLoach.  With an office on the downtown mall, Folk Hero Films has produced all types of visual media including commercials, music videos, narrative shorts, and 2 feature length documentary films that went on to play at several festivals.  Zach has been involved in the filmmaking community around Charlottesville for the past 7 years, and currently resides in the Hessian Hills neighborhood with his wife Teresa.

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