Special Skills: Light and Color

Dates: Sundays, Jan 18th – Feb 1st (3 sessions)
Time: 1-5pm
Ages: 14-18
Level: All Levels
Location: 313 2nd Street, SE, Suite 112 (The Glass Building)
Tuition: $175

Cinematographers make beautiful images by sculpting light, and colorists enhance their imagery by bringing out details and colors, refining the picture in a way that couldn’t have been done in-camera. In this workshop we will experiment with lighting, and find how we can completely change the mood of a scene with that light, bringing a cinematic quality to our footage. We will then take the images we shoot into DaVinci Resolve, and discover how far the images can be pushed, relit, and enhanced with color grading.

Mentors: David Ariew & Forrest Pando
David Ariew started his career in neuroscience at UVA, mapping the brain of the common fruit fly, but quickly realized his passion lay elsewhere. Determined to become a visual effects wizard, David became involved in the local filmmaking scene of Charlottesville, VA, where he quickly rose in rank as one of the most coveted post-production freelancers. Since his career shift, David has worked on numerous high profile projects for Filament Productions, and continues to develop his mad skills while you and I are sleeping.

Forrest Pando’s interest in film began in high school. While searching for an outlet for filmmaking, he stumbled across Light House Studio. Forrest took a music video workshop and he led the film club S.T.A.T.I.C. for a couple of years. Forrest then decided to pursue filmmaking in college as a result of his involvement with Light House Studios. He started working professionally on bigger projects like Lincoln and a TV series by Richard Linklater. Forrest now owns his own production company with his wife where they create music videos, arthouse wedding films, and short films.

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