NEH Documentary Workshops

Tuesday, March 15th — 5pm – 6pm
Tuesday, March 29th — 5pm – 6pm
Wednesday, June 1st — 5pm – 6pm

Ages: 9th – 12th grades
Level: All Levels
Tuition: $0*
*Workshop covered by Grant
Location: The Loft: 313 2nd St. SE, Suite 112

Interested in entering the Light House Studio NEH Documentary Film Competition? Join us at our studio for workshops to guide your documentary’s planning, production, and editing.

In Pre-production we’ll brainstorm ideas and discuss the six modes of documentary filmmaking. Students will learn about storytelling through film, pitching an idea, story arc, and how to write a short film synopsis. Don’t have an idea? We have plenty! Have an idea, but need a film crew? Let us know so we can connect you with other filmmakers who can help.

In Production we’ll cover cinematography (framing, angles, movements, and planning for the edit), best practices for audio and lighting set ups, interviewing techniques, the importance of b-roll, and more! Do you have your own camera, but don’t know all the settings? Bring your camera and we’ll help tackle any unanswered questions!

In Post-production we’ll go over editing basics, organizing, color and audio adjustments, adding music and credits, and exporting. If you don’t have editing software, let us know – we can arrange times when you can edit at our studio. Do you have your own editing software, but want feedback on a rough cut? Bring your film in and we can discuss how to fine tune your edit.

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