Music Video: Behind the Scenes

5 days. 4 mentors. Countless actors. 3 songs from 3 local bands. A few lampshades and 1 (fake) bloody knee. An amazing group of high school filmmakers, and 3 awesome (if we do say so ourselves) music videos. Last week was a whirlwind of pre-production, production and post-production in just a few days. Another great Music Video workshop in the books! Read on for a behind the scenes peek into one of Light House’s most popular workshops.

On Monday, students watched a variety of music videos (some produced at Light House, some elsewhere) to get a feel for the different styles that filmmakers can take in the film. Will it be a literal translation? More experimental? Somewhere in between? Will it send a message or be completely light-hearted (or both)? There are a lot of avenues the filmmakers can take in this pre-production stage. The filmmakers listened to their songs and started to verbally describe the vibe, and then began pitching concepts for storylines.

On Tuesday, students spent the majority of their time storyboarding their film and casting their actors. Some films needed more actors than others, and finding the right people for the roles who are also available at the right times can be very tricky. Our filmmakers did a great job keeping their cool during this stressful process.

Wednesday was production, all day long. Filmmakers and mentors went to their locations and finished filming the majority of their shots. There were fake playground fights, a man walking around downtown with a lampshade on his head, and a girl attempting to break in to a house (also staged). All in a day’s work.

On Thursday, teams focused their efforts on post-production. Some films added visual effects, too, which takes more time and planning.

Friday was for final touches. Each group tweaked their edits and prepared for a screening at the end of the day of the finished music videos at our newly renovated Vinegar Hill Theatre. Actors, parents and community film lovers joined us in the theatre for a look into this amazing week of filmmaking.

Thanks for a great week, Music Video filmmakers! We hope to see you at another Light House workshop very soon.

Eager to see some amazing advanced Light House films? We password protect them in order to send to festivals around the country, but you can get an inside look at our 15th Annual Youth Film Festival on Friday, August 26! Join us for a celebration and screening of some of our students’ best films.

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