Monster Movie Magic

Date: Sunday, October 19th 
Time: 12-5pm
Ages:  10 – 15 year olds
Level:  All Levels
313 2nd Street, SE, Suite 112 (The Glass Building)

It’s almost Halloween and what better time to learn how to create some monster movie magic!

Mold-Making and Casting is a process that is constantly used by practical effects artists in the film industry to create a prop, or make a scary monster prosthetic, even to replicate a wound or scar for an actor. In this class we will learn some simple home grown techniques. Students will explore how to sculpt from clay, cast their own sculpture, and even a part of their own body! Then they will learn how to create their own prosthetics, from their mold, to be applied to the skin. Some of the materials we will be experimenting within the class include alginate, latex, gelatin, adhesive, and plaster! And many of the materials can be found at a craft or local party store! Students should be ready to get their hands dirty trying all the techniques and processes they are shown!
The students will come away with a new casting of their own design to be used over and over again, a few prosthetic pieces, as well as the knowledge required to continue doing mold-making and casting on their own (with parent supervision).

Mariah Johnson owns and operates her own practical makeup effects company called Bio Duck FX. She has worked on a wide spectrum of projects in film, TV, theatre, events, print, and fashion. From beauty make-up to creating monsters she loves bringing the project’s vision come to life! She also works for local theaters and did the makeup and hair for “The Producers” at Live Arts and “Shrek the Musical” at Four County Players. She has also worked hair and makeup on the traveling Broadway shows of Wizard of Oz and Spamalot.

$70 (+ $10 materials fee) *pizza lunch will be included! 

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Stills from Practical Effects Workshop

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