Marco Duran


      Light House films:

       Inception (Sweded)
       Any Sense in Cents?
       Bring Forth the Reckoning

      Beyond Light House Films:

       Attack of the Trailer!
       CLAW: The Collective of Lady Arm Wrestlers
       The Unearthing: Untitled
       Promo Film: Summer School at the IX!

“Light House has been a present force in my videographer career, it has open many doors for me and I’m very thankful for that. I will never forget the advice and skills I gained in the Light House workshops. This is a unique organization and continues to amaze me with the work they do, I’m so happy to be occasionally involved with Light House whenever I can.”

Marco has been active in the Charlottesville film scene since high school. He has collaborated in a variety of independent films and art projects locally. Marco currently works as an in-house videographer for Amoeba Films.

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