Make-Up for Film

Saturday, December 7th (closed)
10am – 4pm
Ages: 8th – 12th

In this fun packed day of Special Effects for Film Lab, you will prepare your new makeup kit that you will be able to take home and use on future sets. Additionally, you will learn valuable skills such as makeup and special effects artistry, on-set etiquette and protocol that will be sure to wow your audiences and impress the film community… live or on film!

If you are serious about doing art behind the scenes, you need to start building your kit today to bring to Lab on December 7th at 10 am. Here is a list of items you should be looking for around the house and asking friends and family for, to help you prepare for this hands on workshop:

  1. A kit usually comes in a makeup carry box or fishing tackle box. You can put your kit in anything…like a cardboard box….just think outside the box…like a Happy Meal box.
  2. Containers for makeup: small plastic bottles, baby food containers, little M&M containers, etc. to put paints and supplies in.
  3. Beauty makeup your Mama, your Grandma or neighbor does not want anymore.

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Registration is closed!