Jack Jouett Middle School: Behind the Scenes

This Fall, Light House has been working with Jack Jouett middle school students as part of our Keep it REEL community program, in collaboration with Boys and Girls Club, to create a short film. You may remember the Haunted School series that screened at our Youth Film Festival this year…well it’s back with the third installment! This time, we’ve jumped ahead 20 years later…


The film tells the story of two students, Jeff and Liv, who, while working on a research paper, discover that the ghosts of two middle school girls who disappeared 20 years ago are still very much alive…and they have made it clear that they want nobody researching their past.

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In front of the camera the actors are running from ghosts, but behind the scenes it’s a lot more fun.

Making scary props - ghost messages in fake blood.

Making scary props – ghost messages in fake blood!

Will the students heed to the ghosts’ warning and stay away, or will their curiosity lead them to the truth?

Going over lines...

Going over lines…


Preparing the shot!


Stay tuned to hear how the story turns out!

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