Intro to Filmmaking: Week One of Summer Film Camp!

The summer is off to a great start here at Light House! Our first Intro to Filmmaking session of the summer began last week with a film scavenger hunt – students followed clues and practiced new camera shot techniques.
Later in the day our mentors guided the campers in editing their short scavenger hunt films on Final Cut Pro.
On Tuesday students focused on animation! Using four different techniques, students explored a variety of ways to create animated shorts.
After getting some of the basics of filmmaking down, on Wednesday students were split into groups and began writing their own short films! In the afternoon they presented their ideas to the rest of the class.
On Thursday campers were busy shooting their short films! Their ideas incorporated elements of the different techniques they worked on throughout the week.
After a great week the campers were finally prepared to present their short films. The newly renovated Vinegar Hill Theatre serves as the perfect place for the screening. Campers did a great job answering the audience’s questions.

Congrats, campers, on a great first week! Stay tuned for more summer film camp updates.

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