Indie Film Minute At Vinegar Hill Theatre: “Father Unknown”

Light House Studio has partnered with Indie Film Minute to bring independent film to Vinegar Hill Theatre. For our first screening, the documentary Father Unknown was shown. Father Unknown was directed by David Quint and shot almost entirely on an iPhone. What started as Quint documenting his father’s journey in Switzerland to try and learn the identity of his own father who he never knew, turned into a documentary about what it means to be a family and how those bonds shape your life. The search for Quint’s father’s lost family ends up strengthening the one that he already had at home. Father Unknown is a moving depiction of how parents affect their children and how a search for one man brought two men peace.

After the film, we were joined by the director David Quint and his father, Urban, for a Q&A via Skype. Quint explained how having the majority of the film shot on a cell phone was more of an accident than anything. His professional camera had been forgotten in his suitcase for part of the trip and he decided to shoot it on his phone, not knowing it would become a documentary. Shooting the film on an iPhone gives it a very intimate feeling, like you are in on private, family moments. It was touching to see how the father and son had clearly continued to grow closer years after their fateful trip to Switzerland. Urban remarked that he is finally starting to understand what words like “brother” and “cousin” really mean. Their family has only continued to grow. We were treated to a musical performance from even more recently found family members, cousins from Switzerland on their first trip to America.

Father Unknown is available to watch on and DVDs are available on If you are interested in independent film, please join us for our next event with Indie Film Minute, a screening of Prep School on October 27th at 7, followed by a Q&A with the director Sean Nichols Lynch. Purchase tickets today!

Chandler Ferrebee is an aspiring filmmaker and program support intern at Light House Studio.

Q&A with David Quint

Q&A with Director David Quint and a surprise appearance from his father!

Q&A with Director David Quint & family

Q&A with Director David Quint and a surprise appearance from new relatives!

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