GIF It! An Animated GIF Workshop

GIFs were first created close to thirty years ago, yet today you see GIFs used everywhere from Facebook to high end fashion advertisements. On Saturday, December 12th media artist, Jason Robinson, led GIF It! An Animated GIF Workshop in collaboration with Second Street Gallery.

The workshop began with a tour of Jason’s newest project Wastewater, a single-channel video installation and a set of lenticular prints, which is on display at Second Street Gallery until the end of January. After learning about Jason’s technical process and inspiration for his 16-minute digitally processed video collage of a waste water treatment facility, students headed to Light House’s teaching studio to try their own hands at GIF creation. The technical process behind making a GIF is not a very complicated. For filmmakers, the challenges lie in telling a story in thirty frames or less, and finding a creative way to make the story loop.

Enjoy the variety of GIF experiments below. Techniques included stop motion animation, analog video processing, and appropriating footage from films, TV shows, and home-videos.

Interested in learning another way to transform a still image into motion? Check out Photoshop: Photography in Motion, a 1-day workshop in February, led by the talented, local photographer Stacey Evans.




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