Fresh Eyes: Film Curation & Criticism

Date: Friday, September 26th
Time: 7:00-10:00pm
Ages: 12 – 18
Location: 313 2nd Street, SE, Suite 112 (The Glass Building)


Virginia Film Festival Programmer Wesley Harris will share his thoughts and experiences of what goes into crafting a compelling and balanced slate of films and events in the film festival world. Through discussion and short screenings, we will explore what it means to cultivate nuanced perspective and taste — as an audience member, as a curator, and as a filmmaker. In other words, what it means to look both at the works of others, and at your own film projects, with fresh eyes. Additionally, we will peek behind the curtain of the international film festival circuit, and look at the levels of production, distribution, curation, and exhibition that are all part of bringing one individual’s art to a mass audience.

Wesley Harris is the Programmer and Operations Manager at the Virginia Film Festival, where he first worked as a University of Virginia student intern in 2005. As a student at U.Va., he studied film and media studies, and served as the Artistic Director of the OFFscreen Film Society. In recent years, he has consulted for startup film festivals, and served as a discussant and jury member at film competitions and other festivals. At the Virginia Film Festival, he curates international, independent, and archival film screenings that make up a program of over 100 films screened in 4 days. He thinks Gravity was overrated, and his favorite member of the X-Men is Beast.

($25 at the door)

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