Film Fun with Mountaintop Montessori

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some great students from Mountaintop Montessori this past week! Students dove straight into the world of filmmaking day by day, and we’re proud of all they’ve accomplished in such a short time!


On Monday, students began by learning the different types of shots through a film scavenger hunt with riddles to their next type of shot hidden around the room. Riddles such as “Don’t worry, no need to squirm / but for the shot that’s next, pretend you’re a _ _ _ _!”


Tuesday was animation day. Students rotated to various animation stations including claymation, zoatropes, live action animation, green screen, and hand drawn animation. They got a taste of the patience it takes to be an animator!


On Wednesday, students began their preproduction (writing) by coming up with film ideas in their small groups and pitching those ideas to the larger group. After deciding on their script ideas, the groups began the production (shooting) processes for their short films.


Thursday was for final production and editing. The groups worked hard all morning, taking turns directing, acting and operating the camera from shot to shot. They then spent the afternoon using the film editing software Final Cut Pro to edit together their footage and finish their short films!


On Friday, the films were screened at Mountaintop. Time to sit and enjoy all the hard work that went into making their films!
Thanks Mountaintop students for making this week awesome! Until next time!

Check out the finished films from our week!
Portal Puddles
The Stolen Hat
Peanut Problems
Mountaintop Animation Creations

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