Featured Filmmakers: Documentary

This week on Featured Filmmakers…

Light House students Liam Hubbard, Caroline Cox, and Oliver Schwartz share their love for documentary filmmaking, and what they learned during the two week summer camp process that is “Documentary” at Light House.

This camp, targeted to high schoolers, provides a full two weeks of learning about various documentary methods. Students spend time in pre-production brainstorming dozens of topics, and then narrowing them down to just a few before choosing one. There is a lot of research involved, including the setting up of interviews and decisions of what angle the documentary will take. Student groups work with mentors to develop a vision for their documentary, seeking to tell a compelling story through specific research.

In just two weeks, groups create a short documentary on a subject of their choice. This year, we had four groups create four different documentaries. One, about a few regulars at Spudnuts entitled Spuddies. Another, a documentary about a local poet called Raven. The third, a documentary about the recycling process in Charlottesville, Rethink. And finally, a film about the hardships of young professionals entitled, Twenty-Something.

Check out the interview below! We’re proud of the hard work and dedication of these students.