Documentary & Mockumentary

Dates:  June 24 – July 5*
*This workshop will not meet on July 4th.
Times:  9 – 3pm
Grades: 9th – College Freshman
Location:  Vinegar Hill Theatre (220 W Market Street)
Tuition: $650 (Financial Aid available)

Do you enjoy exploring cultures, investigating controversies, uncovering mysteries and revealing the truth? You may just be a Documentary Filmmaker. In one of Light House’s longest running camps, filmmakers will work for 2 weeks in small teams to research, plan, film and edit their own non fiction film. Along the way we will also learn the methods, history, thought processes, and techniques of documentary filmmaking. This is a chance to make your voice heard and create a powerful film with a message.

Interested in going a more fictional route? Students will also have the option to use the documentary skills they’ve learned to create their own mock documentary, or mockumentary. Emulating the aesthetics and techniques of documentary cinema, mockumentary filmmakers will create a movie in the style of This Is Spinal Tap or The Office. Every year several films from this workshop go on to screen and win awards at film festivals all over the country. This is a great class for students with an interest in journalism and current events. This is an important workshop for building your portfolio and college resume.

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