Commercial Production

Ages: High School Only (or by instructor approval)

Pre Production:
Saturday, January 31st — 1:30pm – 4:30pm
Saturday, February 7th — 1:30pm – 5:30pm

Shoot Dates:
Saturday, February 14th — 10am – 4pm
Saturday, February 21st — 10am – 4pm

Edit Dates:
Thursday, February 26th — 4pm – 7pm
Thursday, March 5th — 4pm – 7pm

Tuition: 100% Scholarship

*Note: this workshop counts towards Community Service hours.*
Make a public service announcement commercial from scratch! This is Light House’s sixth year teaming up with a nonprofit to create a PSA. Light House students will read through applications and choose which nonprofit they would like to feature before pitching and storyboarding their concepts.

In the past, projects have always been creative and sometimes humorous in their approach, but this will not always be appropriate. Students will focus on a way to “hook” the viewer and draw them into the cause. Different video techniques and technology (e.g. animation, time-lapse, etc.) may also be used, depending on the project and concept. The 2012 PSA for UNICEF Tap was selected for the CineYouth Film Festival in Chicago.

Jamie Howard

2014 commercial made by Light House Students

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