It Takes a Village

This week we started our Introduction to Animation camp and so far, it is safe to say, we have some super CREATIVE students in Light House Studio! On the first day of camp, we spent the morning learning about the history of animation and the many different...
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Behind the Scenes: Clark Elementary After School Film Club

Laughter and smiles filled Clark Elementary by students participating in the after school film club. The students worked together to create a film about friends who are competing to find out whose club is the best. The hallways and classrooms were transformed...
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VFXplorers Session 2: Behind the Scenes

Campers had a blast last week in “VFXplorers”. They explored various visual effects techniques and collaborated on creative short films. On Tuesday everyone got acquainted with each other and then the students dove into effects. They used...
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Music Video: Behind the Scenes

5 days. 4 mentors. Countless actors. 3 songs from 3 local bands. A few lampshades and 1 (fake) bloody knee. An amazing group of high school filmmakers, and 3 awesome (if we do say so ourselves) music videos. Last week was a whirlwind of pre-production,...
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Young Directors, Session 1: Behind the Scenes

We kicked off our first VFXplorers & Young Directors camps for our youngest filmmakers, ages 8 – 11, last week! Check out this behind the scenes look at Young Directors. On Monday our Young Directors camp began and everyone got to know each...
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Intermediate NEW: Choosing a Genre

We had a great time with Intermediate Filmmaking students last week! In this brand new workshop, we had students choose between creating a documentary, a music video, or a narrative film. The group broke up into smaller teams and ended the week with three...
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Intro to Filmmaking: Week One of Summer Film Camp!

The summer is off to a great start here at Light House! Our first Intro to Filmmaking session of the summer began last week with a film scavenger hunt – students followed clues and practiced new camera shot techniques. Later in the day our mentors...
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Renaissance School: Arts Practicum @ Light House

This Spring, Renaissance High School students were able to choose between 3 different art classes during their “Arts Practicum” semester-long once-a-week course. One of their options was a Light House film workshop, and we created a class...
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The Queen of Confection: An Ivy Creek Documentary Project

This semester, we’re working with Ivy Creek School to create a documentary about their theatre class play. The play tells the story of a Sugar Queen, a factory of confection, and her loyal team of a butler and fearless Jedi. Battling her for the...
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Film Fun with Mountaintop Montessori

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some great students from Mountaintop Montessori this past week! Students dove straight into the world of filmmaking day by day, and we’re proud of all they’ve accomplished in such a short time!...
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