Harlan County: Documentary and Empathy

There are times when we experience or bear witness to injustices so great that we are compelled to move, to speak in protest against them. In July 1973, Eastover Mining Company—a subsidiary of Duke Power, one of the largest utility companies in the...
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Views From the Toronto International Film Festival

Leaving the Toronto International Film Festival a year ago, multiple films seemed primed to start their Oscar race. La La Land seemed like a clear frontrunner and a smaller film called Moonlight was starting to get a lot of attention. Those films ended...
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I got the point when they killed the baby, I didn’t need to see them eat the baby. This particular scene, near the end of the movie, could be a metaphor for the entirety of Darren Aronofsky’s mother!. Long after Aronofsky has made his point he keeps...
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Stephen Soderbergh Returns with Logan Lucky

In 2013, Steven Soderbergh retired from filmmaking. “The worst development in film-making – particularly in the last five years – is how badly directors are treated,” he said in an interview with New York Magazine on his retirement, “…I...
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The Best of 2017 So Far

As summer closes, studios prepare to debut their Oscar hopefuls at  fall film festivals and then to audiences, which makes now a good time to look back on the year so far. These are the films not to be missed before the heavy hitters of fall and winter...
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Wonder Woman and the Power of the Female Moviegoer

Colin Trevorrow’s first feature Safety Not Guaranteed was made for $750,000 and found most of its viewers when it arrived on Netflix. Patty Jenkins’ first film Monster was made for $8 million and was met with high critical praise and an Oscar for...
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Wolves at Vinegar Hill Theatre

Last month at Vinegar Hill Theater, we were joined by director Bart Freundlich for a screening of his newest film, Wolves. During the Question and Answer portion with Freundlich after the film, he stated that Wolves was “30 years in the making.” It...
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Youth-Nex Project: Call for Interviewees!

Attention Charlottesville/Albemarle High School & College Students (Ages 14 – 21): Local nonprofit filmmaking center Light House Studio and the Youth-Nex Center at UVA are partnering to create short videos of students discussing issues faced...
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Oscar Check In: Three Weeks To Go

The finish line is in sight. The Golden Globes and the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards are behind us and the Academy Awards will take place in just a couple of weeks on February 26th. They announced their nominations earlier this month and, I am proud to...
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Post Golden Globes Oscar Predictions

The Golden Globes are often seen as the more fun awards show, but essentially meaningless when it comes to predicting who will win at the Academy Awards. However, they can work to encourage an Academy member to pick up a screener that they have been ignoring...
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