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The Virginia Film Festival

This year the Virginia Film Festival has many high profile screenings. The festival will open with the Alexander Payne-directed and Matt Damon-starring film, Downsizing. It will close with the closest thing we have this year to an Oscar frontrunner, Call...
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Views From the Toronto International Film Festival

Leaving the Toronto International Film Festival a year ago, multiple films seemed primed to start their Oscar race. La La Land seemed like a clear frontrunner and a smaller film called Moonlight was starting to get a lot of attention. Those films ended...
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The Best of 2017 So Far

As summer closes, studios prepare to debut their Oscar hopefuls at  fall film festivals and then to audiences, which makes now a good time to look back on the year so far. These are the films not to be missed before the heavy hitters of fall and winter...
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Wolves at Vinegar Hill Theatre

Last month at Vinegar Hill Theater, we were joined by director Bart Freundlich for a screening of his newest film, Wolves. During the Question and Answer portion with Freundlich after the film, he stated that Wolves was “30 years in the making.” It...
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Indie Film Minute at Vinegar Hill Theatre: “Prep School”

For our second showing in collaboration with Indie Film Minute, Light House Studio screened Prep School at Vinegar Hill Theatre. A misunderstanding between a troubled rugby player and the new girl at an elite private school is the catalyst for events...
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Indie Film Minute At Vinegar Hill Theatre: “Father Unknown”

Light House Studio has partnered with Indie Film Minute to bring independent film to Vinegar Hill Theatre. For our first screening, the documentary Father Unknown was shown. Father Unknown was directed by David Quint and shot almost entirely on an iPhone....
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LH Picks: The Virginia Film Festival

by Chandler Ferrebee There is always something fun and exciting going on in Charlottesville in the fall, but my favorite weekend is the Virginia Film Festival. I love how every year Charlottesville becomes a place for people to watch and enjoy movies...
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Light House Picks From the Toronto International Film Festival

I’m Chandler and I am an aspiring filmmaker and program support intern at Light House Studio who practically lives at the movie theater. This September, I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Toronto International Film Festival. TIFF is seen as...
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LH Picks: The Virginia Film Festival, 2015

          The Virginia Film Festival is only a few days away, and the staff at Light House can’t wait. In preparation for the big weekend, we’ve come up with a list of films we’re most excited to see. Are any...
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LH Picks: Top 10 Must-See Horror Films

‘Tis the season for apple cider, leaf piles, pumpkin pie and of course, horror movies. Who doesn’t love a great heart-pumping, skin-crawling horror film to round out the Halloween season? If you haven’t started your horror film checklist...
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