Casting Call!

Private Investigator Casting Call
Production Title (still in the works): Private Investigator
Synopsis: Private Investigator is about a man who was a child star for being a kid detective. He solved crimes at his school and had a whole book series written about him. Now he’s a washed out publisher, but is pulled back into investigating when a young girl’s diary goes missing.
Production type: Student film
Shooting locations: McGuffey Playground, Covenant School, Charlottesville, VA
Compensation: None, but films often show at film festivals


Shooting dates:

Friday, July 22. around 9:00-3:00

Monday, July 25. around 9:00-3:00

Tuesday, July 26. around 9:00-3:00

Character Bios:
Dunne: a 30-40 year old retired kids detective who gets sucked back into the world of investigating

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