Behind the Scenes: Clark Elementary After School Workshop

Here’s the story:

A class of students is bored out of their minds by their teacher and her impossible math equations. The class finds a “non-boring chemical” to give their teacher in hopes that their sanity will be restored, pours it in her coffee when she’s not looking, and waits for a transformation to occur. They are pleased at first by the results.
Hmm…why is the teacher twitching like that? And why does she suddenly look so pale? Does her hair always stick in different directions? It seems the chemical is having a different effect than the students expected…



This Fall, Light House has been teaching film club at Clark Elementary, working with groups of 3rd grade students to write screenplays and shoot their own short films. We captured a few behind the scenes shots of the students hard at work bringing to life the thrilling story they created.


Student filmmaker Katya says that her favorite part of the filmmaking process is acting and coming up with ideas while writing the screenplay. Katya is particularly proud of her idea to make the students turn into superheros in order to turn back their monster teacher.


Parker, a student filmmaker who plays the role of one of the bored students in the film, says his favorite part is acting out the funny parts, like making scary faces when they find out their teacher turns into a monster!


The students at Clark Elementary rotate roles of being the camera person, the director, or an actor during a scene. They especially loved acting out the close-up shots of their reactions to the turn of events in the plot. Another student, Sydney, says that she loves acting on camera – particularly when she got to pretend to yawn while being bored.

Great job young filmmakers – we can’t wait to see how your short film turns out!