Behind the Scenes: Clark Elementary After School Film Club

Laughter and smiles filled Clark Elementary by students participating in the after school film club. The students worked together to create a film about friends who are competing to find out whose club is the best.

The hallways and classrooms were transformed to help illustrate their story and bring it to life through film. Many of the students cited filming as their favorite part of the creation process. One student in particular was so excited to use the camcorder because it was similar to the one his grandmother owns.

Other students explained how their favorite part about working with Light House Studio is the independence they get to create their own film ideas and work to develop them into a movie.

After the filming process was complete, students took the scenes they shot and learned how to compile them into one coherent visual image. Many of the students were amazed to see how the individual scenes they shot of the course of a few days came together to make a real movie!

Thank you to the young filmmakers who participated — we can’t wait to see your final project! For more updates on workshops and other events at Light House Studio you can check out our Instagram or come to one of our screenings at Vinegar Hill Theatre.

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