Charlotte Cherry

Light House Films:

Naked Memories
People Like it When I Say Hi
Roommate from Hell
Why Do Foos Fall in Love?
The Story of Miss Rose
Keep It Reel Westhaven
Light House Promotional Film

Stationery Neighbors
Infant Mortality 
The Old Truthteller 

Beyond Light House Films:

Sisters By Choice 


Charlotte attends Georgetown University and is a student in the School of Foreign Service, studying Environment and Energy. Charlotte started at Light House in 2008 with the Narrative Workshop. Charlotte became especially interested in documentary. In her senior year of high school, she proposed to make a film about the relationship between Charlottesville and its sister city, Winneba, Ghana. She traveled with a group of City residents and documented her journey in a film entitled Sisters by Choice. In 2011-2012 she studied Arabic in Morocco through the State Department’s NSLIY program. The following summer, she worked on a tribute film to a local farmer who was ill. In the summer of 2014, Charlotte is using film again to supplement a research project about energy efficiency in Charlottesville, sponsored by Georgetown University. Additionally, she received a grant to return to Morocco and teach film workshops to students in the community where she used to live. She says, “These workshops will give students a voice to tell their stories. I hope it is has as strong of an impact on some of their lives as Light House workshops did for me. It opens a lot of doors no matter what you want to do!”

Film has gotten me into some ridiculous situations! Almost all of the big opportunities that I’ve had were because I told them I knew how to make movies. I’ve gotten scholarships, research fellowships, attended conferences, received multiple travel opportunities, and interviewed incredible people, all because I could use film. So, even though I am not studying film, learning how to express stories in a different way impresses people. Light House gave me valuable skills that enhance my contributions across disciplines. Film is desirable and you can use it in a huge variety of ways.”

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