Apply to win a 30-second PSA highlighting your organization!

— Calling all Charlottesville & Albemarle area nonprofits, causes, and social justice initiatives! —

Are you interested in applying to win a 30-second public service announcement highlighting your organization?

Advanced filmmaking students at Light House Studio will read your applications and select one organization to feature.
The project will be supervised by Light House Studio’s Program Director.

Students will lead the following:
A) Project Research and Selection
B) Concept Creation and Storyboarding
C) Filming and Editing

The project will take place on 4-5 consecutive Saturdays during the winter. The cost of the workshop will be free to the students.

In the past, projects have always been creative and sometimes humorous in their approach, but this will not always be appropriate.
Students should focus on a way to “hook” the viewer and draw them into the cause. Different video techniques and technology
(e.g. animation, time-lapse, etc.) may also be used, depending on the project and concept. The 2012 PSA for UNICEF Tap was selected
for the CineYouth Film Festival in Chicago.


Fill out your application today!

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Click below to watch the PSA produced in 2012 by Light House Students:
PSA 2012 



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