Oscar Check In: Three Weeks To Go

The finish line is in sight. The Golden Globes and the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards are behind us and the Academy Awards will take place in just a couple of weeks on February 26th. They announced their nominations earlier this month and, I am proud to...
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Post Golden Globes Oscar Predictions

The Golden Globes are often seen as the more fun awards show, but essentially meaningless when it comes to predicting who will win at the Academy Awards. However, they can work to encourage an Academy member to pick up a screener that they have been ignoring...
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2017 Short Screenplay Call

SUBMIT A SCREENPLAY TO LIGHT HOUSE STUDIO’S 3rd ANNUAL SHORT SCREENPLAY CALL! Interested in screenwriting? Want to see your story ideas developed into a short film? Light House Studio is now accepting screenplay submissions from high school and college...
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Oscar Predictions: Best Picture

It has been exciting to have a year where no clear frontrunner has presented itself in the Oscar race. Birth of a Nation went down in a blaze of controversy and bad reviews. La La Land, often considered the frontrunner, failed to receive a SAG nomination...
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Oscar Predictions: Best Director

The best director race has been one of the more surprising categories to watch. Two of the frontrunners are relative newcomers and some directing veterans have had a harder time building momentum. After the last couple of years of Oscars, it’s good...
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ARRIVAL: The Most Stunning Theater Experience of the Year

By: Ryan Beard Arrival is a movie that I was very excited about. The trailers were solid, and didn’t give anything away in regards to story. The director of the film, a Canadian director by the name of Denis Villeneuve, is one of my favorite working...
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Oscar Predictions: Best Actor and Actress

The announcement of SAG and Golden Globe nominations has given this year’s Oscar race a shake up. Movies that seemed guaranteed to be nominated were shut out while some smaller indie films released earlier this year got some unexpected love. While the...
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Oscar Predictions: Best Supporting Categories

The complaint I hear most often regarding The Academy Awards is that, months before the ceremony, the winners seem to be locked in. It’s no fun to watch a race when you already know the outcome. This is not one of those years. The awards race started...
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2017 Call for Applications: Your Local Nonprofit Could Win a PSA!

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Indie Film Minute at Vinegar Hill Theatre: “Prep School”

For our second showing in collaboration with Indie Film Minute, Light House Studio screened Prep School at Vinegar Hill Theatre. A misunderstanding between a troubled rugby player and the new girl at an elite private school is the catalyst for events...
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