Featured Filmmakers: Young Directors Session 2

Welcome back to our blog series, “Featured Filmmakers,” where we share interviews with our students and highlight what they’ve been doing throughout their summer film camp week.

The second session of Young Directors proved to be an exciting time for the students since only two of them had ever made a film before last week! That’s 90% new filmmakers. That, however, didn’t stop the group from excelling and making several quality films by the end of the session.

Here’s exactly what these Young Directors were doing day by day:

On Monday, the kids began to make friends, and learned the basics of filmmaking such as the types of shots they can use and the different roles involved on set.

Tuesday was animation day! Students went through five stations, each associated with a different animation style, while they also began to brainstorm ideas of short stories for their films.

On Wednesday, the students began to plan their films in pre-production. They were assigned to their mentor groups and got the ball rolling for the film they would be screening in just a couple days.

Thursday was the primary production day, when everyone did the actual filming and started editing their final projects. Filming can take place anywhere within walking distance of Light House Studio, meaning kids get to adventure around the Downtown Mall and feature local stores in their films.

Friday was the end of an awesome week! The students explored editing even further and put the finishing touches on their films. At the end of the day, the filmmakers, their family & friends, and Light House staff gathered as the kids’ films were shown on the big screen in Vinegar Hill Theatre. With so many kids new to filmmaking, who knew that the screening would be such a success? All the films were well-received and all the filmmakers were very proud of their accomplishments. Afterward, the kids stood in front of the audience and answered questions about the process and experiences they had throughout the week.

Check out this interview with a few of our wonderful Young Directors!